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Polari-Tea is a delicious, cleansing and revitalizing drink made from a unique formula of 7 blended herbs which are reputed to detoxify the body, assist with weight loss, aid digestion and sooth cramps - leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Enjoyed hot, or cold as an iced tea.

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K2 is the most recognized Logo in Our business; Today K2 North and South Face are the Only Herbal Blends classified as Legal under U.S. CODE.

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Fitness Tea™ is the innovative slimming drink to get fit and to stay in good health simply replacing the daily cups of your tea. GVM is the Italian producer of this herbal natural beverage.

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Herbal essentials

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Highest-Quality Legal Herbal Blends at the Lowest Prices Anywhere!

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All available herbal smoking blends on the market.

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