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Being the only authorized Kopi Luwak in Indonesia and the world. We always make efforts to produce the best coffee possible and achieve maximum capacity. With supported by equal capability to complete next processing steps (green coffee processing, roasting, degassing silo, blending, grinding, packaging).JPA possesses ability to provide slow roasting and high speed roasting profile up to customize customer needs. Since the foundation of company, R&D department was established and joint with Quality Control to improve the standard of quality by correcting changes to machinery to meet the needs of the international requirements of quality of our products. Under this reason so within 2009 we will be bestowed ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality management system. From the basic green coffee purchasing to the finished products, our R&D is always ready to take on new projects and is always open to our client needs.Recently we are supplying instant an d roasted coffee for Local Indonesia market and export market to USA, Europe, Asia.With your continuous support and with our efforts to revolutionize, we hope that we will be able to further expand our business with the development of new products & providing quality products that meet with your needs.

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