Most Popular Pre Tribulation Rapture Websites Are You a Real Christian?

Real Christians are getting harder to find. Holiness is no longer preached in our churches and apostacy is on the rise. End time biblical prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes while most are asking what is going on with the world today?

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So, what is The Rapture? At you can gain access to Dr. Scott McQuate's never-before-seen research into the highly-misunderstood event known as The Rapture, sometimes called the Reaping or Harvest or The Rapture of the Church. You may have seen movies about the rapture, such as The Reaping movie or the Left Behind movie or maybe you’ve read one of the books in the Left Behind Series by Tim Lahaye or heard a last days prophecy or rapture prophecy of some kind. Whatever the case, you’re probably trying to understand this event called The Rapture in the bible. Until now, it has been difficult to get a clear definition of The Rapture and to define Reaping as it relates to what is often portrayed as scary event. Many questions have surrounded this even such as What is the Rapture? When is the Rapture or When will the Rapture occur? Is this the Biblical Rapture? How will the Rapture in the Bible or the Rapture of the church happen? Is it one of the signs of the end of the world? What are the signs of the Rapture? Is there a pre tribulation Rapture? Is it just a Christian Rapture or Church Rapture? Is the Bible Rapture different from other similar events spoken of in other cultures? Ironically, one cannot look to traditional doctrines for the answers to these questions. For instance, when we look to the Bible to try to find clues to this event of the end times, we do not find the word Rapture in Bible terms. When we explain this fact about the rapture Bible students are often confused. The confusion surrounding the rapture and related Biblical prophecies, therefore, has become a hindrance to the truth. At you will find the truth about this epic event based on years of in-depth research that you will find nowhere else in the world…Guaranteed!

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