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Shop here for special needs products to aide in Sensory Processing Disorder(SPD), Sensory Integration Dysfunction, (SID), Autism Spectrum, Autism, Asperger's, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and other sensory disorders.

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Wellness - Training you on your way to a healthier life !

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Body Image 360, an effective weight loss resource for men and women, was founded by Susan Ward, LCSW, and focuses on body-acceptance as a crucial step to weight loss and increased happiness, self worth, and quality of life. Body Image 360 promotes a healthy self image, and is founded on the believe that outer transformation begins with inner-acceptance.

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Hypnosis is not hard to learn, and the application of Self Hypnosis will allow anyone to practice the truths of Hypnosis.

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Fort Worth Psychotherapist offering Family therapy, Individual therapy, Marital therapy, Play therapy, Group therapy, Hypnotherapy and therapy for eating disorders

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Cosmetic Clinic which provides Cosmetic Surgery & Weight Therapy services in the Dublin area. Contact our Cosmetic Clinic for more information

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